Sunday, September 16, 2012

instagram ?

Assalamualaikum readers. happy Sunday! ;)
we meet again at label 'daily'. now i have time to relaxing! i mean, for a while. cause today i'm free (from homework) i guess hahaha. okey lets talk about instagram. you already know instagram before right? even before i did, i guess all of you know about instagram.

i was a lazy kid. i've been try saving my money to buy a new cellphone (Android) by myself. i want something new, but yeah until now i can't buy new cellphone -_- but hopefully soon! amen. 

I'm newbie, you know and you're right. i was playing my camera then i remember with my instagram so i took some pict just for fun. and cause i'm still newbie, wanne follow each other guys? 

instagram? --> idayusnilawati

oh yep. did you know SimSimi? hahaha it is the funniest chicks LOL. you can try talk to them if you have spare time :P

sorry my English still bad
see you next post! ;)
<3 Ida Yusnilawati
Dream Big! xoxo